Jenkins County Sheriff


How to Pay for your citation:

1. You may send a Money Order or Cashier's Check to the following address. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish to have a receipt mailed back to you.

Mailing address:

Jenkins County Sheriff’s Office
Post Office Box 857
Millen, GA 30442

2. Pay online by visiting

For any addititonal Information: Pleease contact the Sheriff's Office (478-982-4683)


You cannot enter a Not Guilty Plea by mail or internet. You must appear in Court to enter a plea or explanation. As with any court case, you have the right to obtain an attorney and have him/her present for court. If you have witnesses, it is your responsibility to produce them for Court.

****** Failure to Appear in Court at the notified date and time to dispose of the citation issued against you shall result in a late fee of $ 100.00 being added to your fine and will cause the designated Court to forward your driver's license to the Department of Public Safety. Your driver's license shall be suspended. (Georgia Code 17-6-11 and 40-5-56) and the suspension shall remain in effect until such time as there is a satisfactory disposition in this matter and the Court notifies the Department of Public Safety. ******

Jenkins County Sheriff
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